Baby Taiji

My, never realized how many opportunities I could have to practice taiji while taking care of my son. Before, some friends had jokingly mentioned doing zhanzhuang while rocking the baby to sleep, and I laughed it off at first but it really works! It’s quite easy to get a sore back while holding a baby for a long period of time, so lately I’ve been trying to incorporate my training into the action.

While holding him, I try to remember to relax, sink my shoulders, elongate my spine and relax my lower back. Don’t take the weight into the back, but let it sink into the legs. Relax and loosen the hips and sink down.. This alone has made trememdous difference in my back and likewise has also made some differences in my stance training. It’s still a bit rough on the thighs, but soon I will have relaxed enough to where it can all sink down to the ground.

It’s still kinda hard to practice the training in the arms while holding him, but at least I’ve been able to take the tension off the lower back. What really gets interesting is how he likes to be “swayed”. Trying to sway in a “knees-bent” position while not letting the hips go past the frame of the legs is quite interesting. It’s really easy to tell when I’ve swayed too far as I’m able to feel the tension in my hips.

I really think I need to practice a lot more. I finally found some more time to do some zhanzhuang training and it’s quite amazing how much more tension I feel in my body now. I can feel all the tightness in my shoulders and upper middle back, my face, my arms, my legs, etc. But I guess this is the way things go when a lot of changes and stressors are happening.


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