Taiji Pains

If you learn taiji boxing but never feel any leg pain, knee pain, or shoulder soreness, then the teacher is not giving correct guidance. You must select another teacher, a good teacher.

– source: The Key to Practicing Taijiquans Skill & Form

How true is this? Isn’t taiji supposed to be all relaxing and easy going with little to no effort? At first, I thought it was but I learned in the beginning that if your legs aren’t hurting, then you’re not really training the gongfu of taiji. I’ve kinda gotten to a point where I like to try and push myself.. not only with leg strength, but with other aspects. It’s interesting the article mentions shoulder pains, b/c I was recently doing some shoulder warm-ups and was trying to work on it in such a way that gravity would bring my arm down. While this sounds like it shouldn’t be too much effort, I was actually feeling soreness in my shoulders! I was a bit shocked but I guess that means that I had a lot of residual tension in my shoulders.

Also, I’m starting to feel a lot more leg strain even if I don’t go very low.. starting to feel more hip joint soreness if I try to work more on stretching and sinking into the gua.. I guess it’s all coming out. Who would’ve thought the term, “no pain, no gain” has standing in something like taiji?


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