1st Private Lesson

With the time constraint difficulties of attending classes weekly, I opted for the bi-monthly private lesson format. This is actually my first time doing full-on privates. When I started doing wushu back in the day it was somewhat private as it was my cousin and I with the instructor for about 3 hrs! I guess due to that, I’ve always enjoyed a lot of individual attention and correction from the instructor b/c that is how I was taught and how I learned the most.

Had my first taiji one today and it was great! I learned so much and I almost feel a bit overwhelmed. The physical corrections were phenomenal, it really brings insight into the whole “it’s all in the details” phrase. Adjustments on hip, gua, corrections and instant feedback of where my tension was held.

100% attention = 100% pain

is the new mantra ) Holding the posture while getting minute corrections is not an easy feat! I recall many of time when with a minor adjustment I felt a mad rush of pain in my thigh as the tension was released in my body and went straight into the legs. Then with another minor correction of the hips and gua, the inner thigh got a chance to have it’s fun.

Whew.. it was a great class and I definitely have some material to work on before my next lesson.


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