Does Westernization = Modernization

Another one of those, “modern vs traditional” things that I always seem to find interesting. Perhaps I’m torn, b/c I do dig watching some of those crazy wushu dudes doing like triple twists before jumping crescent kicks and such but then again, I miss the old school “beat ya down” type of action.

Anyhoo.. found an interesting article regarding some attempts at modernizing traditional martial arts. While I think it’s good to continually learn and improve methods and techniques, I think the author has an interesting point:

Modernization must be accomplished without violating or altering the basic principles and philosophy which form the heart of traditional wushu.source: Article – Does Modernization = Westernization

I completely agree with the above point, but at times, it’s difficult to keep the basic principles b/c that’s the heart, the real meat and potatoes of the art. How many ppl want to stand in wuji zhanzhuang and develop a root before learning some forms or do horse and bow stances for hours on end? Not many.. and this is one of the reasons for the development of the modern forms.

I do believe modern forms have been a great benefit in spreading taiji and making it easier to learn. In fact, the first form I learned was the 24 step form. It’s a very nice form and an easy form to pick up on for some of the dedicated folks, but like all things, it takes motivation. On some of videos by RGY, it’ actually states the video should be used as a primer and hopefully to “wet one’s appetite” b/c the intricacies of the form cannot be learned by video tape. I think this is a great message and nothing can substitute hands on correction by a qualified instructor.


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